What Are The Best Wholesale Sites To Buy From?

Wholesale shopping comes with its own set of benefits, and it is so easy to do. There are lots of different websites that feature wholesale options, or that are solely dedicated to providing customers with wholesale products.

You can typically find the cheapest options that come from countries like China, Japan, India, and more, and there are so many different websites to choose from.

What Are The Best Wholesale Sites To Buy From

However, the hardest part of wholesale shopping is usually finding the right wholesaler for you, and this is something that can take a lot of research.

After all, there are hundreds, if not more, of wholesaler sites that you will need to choose from.

The hard part is deciding which ones have the best distributors, functionality, and customer service. The only way to find out is by doing the research.

To help you to save hours of time researching the best wholesalers, we are going to provide you with a list of the top 5 wholesaler websites to choose from. Hopefully, this will help to make the whole process even easier.

What Are The Best Wholesale Sites To Buy From?

Before we get started, there are two important things that you will need to consider. The first of these things is your minimum order.

Some wholesaler companies will require that you order a large number of items, even as much as 10,000 units. This might not be ideal for small businesses, so it is important to check the minimum order requirement.

As well as this, you will need to think about how quickly you need the items that you are ordering.

Most wholesalers that offer products for less are typically coming from countries that are far away, which means that it can take a long time for your order to get to you.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is actually one of the biggest wholesalers that you will find online, and they make it really easy for you to find out more about products and enquire about your order before you purchase.

They have lots of different features that will help to protect the interest of wholesale buyers, like their trade assurance service. This offers assurance of a timely delivery, and your payment will be refunded if this is not the case.

This wholesale site will also allow you to analyze important metrics for individual distributors.

If you open a company’s profile on Alibaba, you will be able to see metrics like transaction level, buyer ratings & reviews, production capacity, and more. These insights can help you to find out if a wholesaler is reliable.

2. Global Sources

Global Sources is both a wholesale online shopping website and a sourcing service provider. As well as this, it is a trade show facilitator.

As a wholesale marketplace, it allows you to browse Chinese-manufactured products from verified suppliers.

Verified suppliers will have a badge that says that they have been verified by the company, which means that they are trustworthy sources.

The main thing that makes them different from other wholesalers is the fact that there is no direct buying mechanism.

This means that if you want to buy units of a certain item, you’ll have to send an inquiry to a wholesaler and then negotiate things like delivery, payment, and shipping. You can’t just add products to cart and checkout like you can with Alibaba. 

However, the website does have a live chat function that you can use to speed up the purchase process. They also have a wholesale online shopping app for iPhone and Android users.

3. Super Delivery

Lots of retailers worldwide will use Super Delivery to purchase products from Japanese companies. The website has  more than 480,000 products and no minimum order quantity.

This is great for small businesses that do not need to purchase thousands of units. You can sign up to the website for free and search items in a range of categories, including apparel, shoes, everyday art, furniture, and more.

Each listing that you can browse will list the different ways in which you can have your order shipped, and it will even list the estimated delivery date. For US-based retailers, FedEx, USPS, and DHL offer the fastest delivery time. 

For those that are purchasing larger orders that are worth more than $5000, you can make use of Super Delivery’s consultation service. They may be able to arrange container transportation for you, which will save on shipping costs.

4. Made-in-China

Made-in-China is one of the cheapest online wholesale shopping websites that there is, and when you compare its pricing with other websites, you will find that they are charging a great price for their products.

The website audits the majority of the wholesalers before allowing them to sell on its platform, and this verification applies to the vendor’s financial position, product capacity, working environment, product images, quality control, and certifications. 

Made-in-China will also allow you to conduct online or face to face meetings, and this means that you can get to know suppliers before you start doing business with them.

You can also sign up for the website’s Secure Trading Service, which ensures that the wholesaler gets the payment once you have confirmed receipt of items in proper condition. 

There is no way to add products to your cart and checkout, like some other wholesale services, but you will be presented with the option to choose a logistics partner from Made-in-China’s logistics marketplace.

The marketplace supports direct shipping agents and popular companies like FedEx and DHL.

5. Chinavasion

The last service that we are going to talk about is Chinavasion, which is perfect if you are looking for high-tech gadgets and electronics at wholesale prices.

The wholesalers on the site are able to offer you competitive prices for things like phones, tablets, and other accessories.

It also highlights the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price, so you can calculate exactly how much you are saving on wholesale purchases. 

One of the best things about this platform is their direct-buying mechanism, as you can add the products to your cart and check out using your desired payment method. This company supports PayPal as well as all major credit cards.

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